2015 was a shit show, no doubt about it.


I have never worked more, or harder for almost no money. I opened a business, then had to give it up. I closed another business that had been my main occupation and passion project. I got a new job, then lost it. I neglected my boat for yet another year.


Mostly the year though has been about people. The changing shapes of relationships and friendships and those spaces in between. I was able to get out and do some camping and hiking, even though I lost most of the summer to a nasty bout with strep.


A new niece was a definite high point. An illness in the family has been harder to face than I can convey.


A few weeks ago, I was feeling the vulnerability that comes along with letting go of many things. The anchorless drifting which one would suppose I would be used to by now, but which terrifies me each time I find myself there.


Those who are versed in complexity will recognize the release and reorganization phases of the adaptive cycle. They’re easy to spot from the outside.


I will be starting the new year with an exciting new job, which will demand growth and discipline from me; A temporary, but very comfortable home; and a ever shifting, but always reliable group of friends and family who navigate this crazy whirlwind of a life with me, who hold my hand at times, and who shout out encouragement when I need it. Through the chaos of work, babies, school, relationships… we keep on keeping on.


And to all of the random and casual Facebook friends I’ve connected with this year, as Bilbo said: “I don’t know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.”


Here’s to another year of new beginnings, new challenges, new friends, old friends, old scotch, and old songs. And plenty of pictures of my dinner.


Happy New Year!