My memorable moments from 2013:

– Speaking at my first academic conference, the SSHRC congress in Victoria

– Buying a car at a yard sale and road tripping back from Van with the lovely Mari

– Buying my first sailboat with Sebastian

– Beginning my MA program, and being faced with the possibility that I’m not as smart as I thought I was.

– Happy moments spent with friends who I see far less than I would like.


My goals for 2014:

– Nail down my thesis for my MA, and get a good start on it.

– Start a business (details to come in January)

– Get that boat in the water

– spend more time with the people who I care about

– carve a little space out for myself in this world.


Thank you all, dear readers, for following me on this journey. I appreciate the conversation, feedback, criticism, and debate. Facebook has become for me a way of connecting with people – some of you I’ve never met, some just once or twice. But I appreciate this connection.